As a Personal Injury Attorney, You NEED an Experienced Chiropractor on Your Team! 

Why Dr. Ricky Lockett
is an Asset to Attorneys


Why Refer Personal Injury Victims to the health team of Orthopedic Injury Management?

When someone has been involved in an accident, damage to the spine or central nervous system often goes undetected or untreated. While soft tissue (muscle) injuries normally accompany this type of damage, treating these symptoms alone with physical therapy or drugs, while neglecting the underlying spine and nerve damage can lead to problems that may not appear for months or even years after the initial injury.


Your Clients' First, Best Hope for Recovery

Natural Healthcare Solutions are non-invasive, safe, and scientifically proven effective for treating the biomechanical injuries common in auto and work-related accidents. Other forms of therapy can also be useful but may carry serious risks and long-term consequences:

  • Surgery: About 50% of back surgery patients experience a recurrence of symptoms within a year of going "under the knife."

  • Drug Therapy: The use of drugs to mask or "manage" pain often produces a wide range of negative physical and emotional side effects plus chemical dependency.

  • Physical Therapy: Physical therapy can effectively treat soft tissue injuries but without spinal adjustment it does not completely improve joint mobility leaving pain to return even years later after the case has been settled.



Dr. Ricky Lockett will

Schedule your client for an appointment immediately for an evaluation.

  • Identify the type of injuries your client is suffering from.
  • Evaluate the "permanency" of injuries and prognosis for recovery.
  • Detail the extent of damage and recommended treatment (including traditional medical intervention) so you can accurately assess the viability and extent of your settlement case.
  • He will work with Orthopedists and other MD's for evaluation and pain management as needed
  • Support your case with appropriate treatment and documentation.
  • Forward all documentation expediently.
  • Involve and coordinate with other specialists as needed.


Dr. Ricky Lockett Has Experience in Treating Musculoskeletal Injury Common in Work and Auto Related Accidents

At Orthopedic Injury Management our team is uniquely trained and equipped to detect, evaluate, and treat biomechanical or musculoskeletal injuries. Your clients will benefit from modern research-based treatment modalities that have proven remarkably effective in the treatment of whiplash, pinched nerves, bulging or herniated discs, sciatica and many other spinal injuries.

For an accurate diagnosis, Dr. Ricky Lockett will always conduct the proper diagnostic tests including MRI's to rule out any disc pathologies.


Dr. Lockett Will Help You Simplify Medical Management of Cases to Conserve Your Resources

He can simplify your case management, saving you time and money, by providing a single point of contact for all the medical reporting and documentation related to the case. This means he will work, not only with the patient, but with other medical practitioners where needed to coordinate care and provide you with all the information you require to successfully prepare an appropriately documented appeal for damages.


Dr. Ricky Lockett Can Be Relied on for depositions and expert testimony

Because he understands both the treatment an insurance (payment) sides of the case, he can assist in providing the facts and expert testimony that will help you achieve a fair and appropriate legal and financial outcome. He is articulate and effective spokesperson in or out of the courtroom.


For additional information and a personal consultation,
contact Dr. Lockett at (877) 935-3397.



Even without pain, you may have serious injuries that could flare up weeks, months, even years down the road. Act now to prevent future health problems!

If you're hurting, no one needs to tell you to get help. But just in case you haven't, call me now  for your FREE comprehensive injury consultation. We've treated hundreds of accident victims and can give you the help you need.

"But I feel fine!"

If you or someone you know has been in a recent auto accident and is not in pain-or you think you'll pop a few pain pills and just "get over it," PLEASE... think again!

Sadly, most accident victims spend more time and energy fixing their cars than they do on repairing their bodies. But in just about every accident, however minor, soft tissue injury has taken place that if not corrected, can start a chain reaction of effects leading to serious health issues later on--long after the case is closed.

Common problems include headaches, migraines, neck, back, hip, knee and shoulder pain that can crop up months or even years later. These stressors can eventually tax your immune system and leave you open to additional sickness and disease.

NOW is the time to find and treat small problems-before they become BIG ones. Don't become one of the millions of accident victims now living with daily pain and its physical and emotional effects because they failed to properly treat a "minor" injury.

I am offering a FREE Injury Consultation!

Find out now-before long-term damage sets in-if your injuries require treatment, what treatment options are available and at what cost, how much insurance will cover, and whether you should involve a personal injury attorney. We focus on auto injuries so we have the answers-all without cost or obligation to you! So call today for your health and your peace of mind.


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